Tech Support 4 your Boat

Maintenance Course

Providing remote technical boat support, mid-Ocean or when cruising.

Are you 100% confident to make repairs if your engine won’t start? What do you do if the water-maker fails? Or the bilge pumps don’t work?

We will collaborate with you to create a comprehensive file for each system on your vessel, encompassing electrical, mechanical, rigging, and plumbing. This ensures that no matter the time or your location on the open seas, assistance is just a text, phone call, or email away.

Whether you need answers to questions, advice on the optimal course of action, or guidance on emergency repairs, We are there to help. Additionally, we can assist with locating and internationally shipping spare parts as needed.

Learn how to look after your vessel, saving time, money and maybe even a coastguard call out!

“Ross’s skill level and experience was shared in a way even a newbie could understand. Being new to owning a yacht and the yachting world, the course information was invaluable. I learnt
so much, on my beginners level that will save me alot of money in mistakes. I was also stoked to learn the more technical stuff, even if I don’t use it myself, having the knowledge and understanding to discuss with a professional is real
ly helpful.
If you own, plan to crew on passages, the knowledge gained, even down to the tools list, is value for money. Ross is able to condense his wealth of knowledge and practical experience into
learning for all levels. Couldn’t recommend the course enough.
Ngā mihi”

Sarah H28

As the author of the Pearls of Boating Wisdom maintenance course I will have probably been teaching you about Marine Engineering, DC and AC Electrics, Rigging, Plumbing, Boat Building and if that’s not how we met, maybe I was teaching your RYA YachtMaster Off-Shore syllabus?

I served an “old-school” apprenticeship in Marine Engineering that covered inboard and outboard, petrol and diesel, I worked yacht breakdown around the Greek Island’s. I’ve completed an adult apprenticeship in Gas Turbines with AirNZ, Served as Chief Engineer on super-yachts, Skippered Maraetai’s Inshore Lifeboat in New Zealand. I’ve commercially delivered many yachts around the globe and teach RYA YachtMaster on a daily basis. In short if we can’t fix it together on the phone it probably cannot be fixed!

There will be an establishment fee for your boat systems file, that I will hold on record. A monthly or annual subscription and call out charge per event if needed.