24/7 Tech support for your specific boat systems: Assistance available for anywhere at anytime

Are you 100% confident to make repairs if your engine won’t start? What do you do if the water-maker fails? Or the bilge pumps don’t work?

We will collaborate with you to create a comprehensive file for each system on your vessel, encompassing electrical, mechanical, rigging, and plumbing. This ensures that no matter the time or your location on the open seas, assistance is just a text, phone call, or email away.

Whether you need answers to questions, advice on the optimal course of action, or guidance on emergency repairs, We are there to help. Additionally, we can assist with locating and internationally shipping spare parts as needed.

Charges / Fees

First “Call Out” is Free!

Here’s how the full service works: We will establish your boats file that we will hold on record, then simply choose the subscription service you’d like.

Establishment Fee

To cover the collating of your comprehensive ships document folio that I hold on file

For Vessels 30′ > 40′
(9.2 > 12.2M) $1950
40′ > 55′
(12.2 > 16.8m) $2950
55′ > 80′
(16.8 > 24.4m) $3950


Basic Subscription

$1950 Annual top up

Call Outs Included: 2per annum
$150p/h thereafter

Response time: 24hrs Max

File update: Non

Annual review: Non

or $175 per month

Premium Subscription

$4950 Annual top up

Call Outs Included: 1per month
$150p/h thereafter

Response time: 12hrs Max

File update: 1 only

Annual review: 1 only

or $475 per month

Unlimited Subscription

$9950 Annual top up

Call Outs included: Unlimited

Response time: 2hrs Max

File update: Included

Annual review: Included

or $950 per month

The establishment fee and subscription is the complete service and must be combined.
Hourly rate call outs are possible but means I have no info on file for your boat – this severely reduces the level of service i can offer

Currently payment can be accepted in NZD or GBP (Prices shown in NZD)
A CALL OUT constitutes my receiving a call, text or email from you and up to 1 hours work to follow up.

Included call outs (pre-paid in your subscription) shall compound until used up. Eg if the first job of the year takes 2 hrs to work through (parts ordering etc) and you are a Basic Subscriber you will be moved on to the hourly rate for any further call outs that year.

Monthly Subscriptions: Minimum subscription is 3 months. Included call out minutes are a direct percentage of the months you subscribe for. eg 3 months = 15mins